Opera Camp

An immersive day camp for middle school students grades 6 – 8 December 18 – 22, 2017  |  10am – 2pm |  $200

Opera—an inspiring world where legendary stories are told. A world brought to life through design, stagecraft, poetry, dance, art, music and song. Are you ready to visit?

In opera, there’s much more going on than what you see on stage! For every performer on stage there are 20 people working behind-the-scenes to make magic happen. Which one are you? Find out this December during Putting it Together, a hands-on, five-day opera camp—designed just for you.

Go behind the curtain to meet and work with the real people who get the opera from imagination to stage— directors, opera singers, costume and set designers, stage managers and the engineers that make heroic tales come alive.

Each day is an interactive experience creating opera!

Participation is limited to 20 students— click here and register for your spot today. 

Camp Overview

December 18—Break It Down
Learn about the building blocks of opera through Opera ImprovYou choose the story, music and ending of an opera. We improvise on the spot. Then, show what you know! Participate in an Opera Challenge. After lunch, learn a little bit about how opera singers sing and then try it yourself!

December 19—Design It / Build It
Meet the people who design and create the sets and costumes for the opera. Learn what they do and how they do it through an interactive Q&A. See their sketches and models, and explore the set for Portland Opera To Go’s The Magic Flute. Then, roll up your sleeves and try designing a set or costume.

December 20—Prepare It
How do artists prepare for an opera? Learn an opera chorus, and then work with a stage director who will guide you through acting out the chorus you just learned! After lunch, meet a production stage manager and see how they keep the opera running smoothly! Try your hand at calling the cues for an opera selection!

December 21—Rehearse It
Learn how much influence a director has on what an audience sees and how they understand the story. Work in groups to create two different versions of the same scene and perform for the group.

December 22—Putting It All Together
Now, it’s your turn to pull together all the elements you have learned through camp—and act it out. How? It’s a surprise!


Parents: Opera Camp runs Monday through Friday, December 18 – 22, 2017. The camp is $200, begins each day at 10am, and concludes at 2pm. Please send your child with a lunch each day. Questions? Email: ahamilton@portlandopera.org


Images below: Behind-the-scenes of Portland Opera’s production of The Magic Flute (2016)  © Jonathan Ley/Portland Opera