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Bravo! Attended last Sunday

Bravo! Attended last Sunday and again last night and both versions were breathtaking. The piano accompaniment and sparse attendance made for an unforgettable, very special event. At first, when the announcement was made that the orchestra was absent I was disappointed and even a little angry Portland Opera didn't make that information available on its website at some point through the course of the day. However, I appreciated C. Mattaleano's explanation as to why the performance couldn't be postponed. Having waited in the snow and ice for over an hour for a bus, maybe had I known the orchestra was taking the night off I might've too. Had I known I'd be waiting after the performance a full 2 hours and 20 minutes for a return trip I might've been even more prejudiced.. All considered, and now after getting that off my chest, I am so very glad to have been kept in the dark and been witness to the passion, talent, and magic that is so often Portland Opera.

A most convincing Lucia!!! Thank you to all who put on 2 most memorable events.

We thought Lucia DI

We thought Lucia DI Lammermoor production was magnificent -- the singing, the orchestra, the imaginative and evocative stage design. Portland Opera keeps getting better and better. We braved wind and snow on Feb. 6 to walk to bus stop, got bus rides to and from the central city and recommend transit for travel downtown all the time. Thanks Portland Opera for putting this on so well.

Braved the snow to attend

Braved the snow to attend Lucia last night (Thursday 2/6)--so glad we did! It was a special evening in every respect--from the beginning invitation for the audience to come closer together in the auditorium, to the dramatic sets, to the incredible singing. The arias and ensemble singing by Lucia, Edgardo, and Enrico were emotionally gripping -- also loved the choral ensemble piece toward the end of Act II. We have never seen a live production of Lucia before. After last night's performance, it is now one of our favorites! Thank you, Portland Opera, for a wonderful performance and for going on with the show last night!

The lighting and sets were

The lighting and sets were superbly dramatic for this dark, brooding tale of Scotland. But, as always, the orchestra overwhelmed the singers. Had it not been for surtitles, I would not have known that people were singing half the time. I never did hear Lucia's maid sing. I came to hear the singers. If I want orchestral music to be the main event, I'll go to the symphony.

Spouse and I enjoyed the

Spouse and I enjoyed the Friday performance, including the lecture beforehand. I am a fan of minimalist opera, so the sets were fine with me - generically rugged, with dramatic shadows projected. I was puzzled by the rectangular opening which suggested the fish viewing window at Bonneville. The choral singing was wonderful and I would have liked livelier choreography to go with the dance music. I did not understand why all the women wore white dresses and red mantillas to a wedding. Knowing how much of the action takes place at night, I was apprehensive that there wouldn't be much to see on stage, and pleasantly surprised to see a variety of lighting.