Is MADAME BUTTERFLY a good choice for someone new to opera?

Opera fans, we want to hear from you!  Is Madame Butterfly a good first opera?  And if so, why?

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Madame Butterfly is a perfect

Madame Butterfly is a perfect first opera. The plot is simple (unlike many other operas), and leaves room for the emotion and beauty of the music to really sink in with the audience. Also, issues of abandonment, neglect and a want for love are ones that most people have had at some point in their lives, and they are able to empathize with Butterfly. I have seen 5 other productions by the Portland Opera, and this production, made me feel like I was seeing opera for the first time. Thank You!

I will be attending the opera

I will be attending the opera this Sunday with a friend who is relatively new to opera. I found some helpful info for him to learn about the opera. I especially liked the short introduction by Mr. Mattaliano:
Also, I am a blog contributor and I have published an article with additional information about Puccini and this opera:

While "Madame Butterfly" is a

While "Madame Butterfly" is a well-known opera, I would probably recommend Verdi or Rossini for a newcomer to opera, or maybe Mozart - there's some good music in Madame Butterfly, but it's not as catchy as the others I mentioned, and it's a bit of a downer. Verdi's "La Traviata", while also a tragedy, has more variety between upbeat and sad music. Of course, it's a matter of taste, but when I saw Madame Butterfly, some teenage girls behind me mentioned they were bored.

I think you can't go wrong

I think you can't go wrong with Madama Butterfly for someone new to the opera. Puccini's music is both lyrical and emotional and the aria "Un Bel Di" is one of my all-time favorites. The story is compelling, and the sets and scenery are rich with the imagery of Japan. I am bringing a friend who wants to see it, too!

I hope so! I took a friend to

I hope so! I took a friend to the Pagliacci/Carmina Burana double bill, and she asked to see Butterfly as her first full-length this year.