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This Old Man

The Portland Opera office -- as you might have guessed from our live-in costume shop cat -- is very pet-friendly. People routinely bring dogs in; some dogs come nearly every day. Having good-natured pets in the office creates a really great vibe; nearly everybody likes to pet a nice dog. Plus, it means that despite the strange and long hours we sometimes work, we still have the option of owning pets.

In the future, I'll share with you all the other pets of Portland Opera, but this week, we'd like to introduce you to a very special dog.

This Old Man Blog 1

This Old Man Blog 2
(with former POSA Sharin Apostolou)

This is Henry. Henry belongs to our Public Relations Manager, Julia Sheridan, who brings him in almost every day. Last Thursday, he celebrated his fourteenth birthday -- 88 in dog years. Henry is a sweet, pokey old man who likes to walk to nearby offices and visit, secretly hoping for treats. I used to have an office close to Julia's, and for years I kept dog biscuits in a cabinet in my desk, just for Henry. He's beloved by everybody here. He likes to lie in the middle of the hallway, so you pretty much have to bend over and pet him as you go by.

Henry got a party in honor of his birthday.

This Old Man Blog 3

Henry's special handmade birthday hat, plus other party goodies, including a Salty Dog adult beverage -- some for dogs, some not for dogs!

This Old Man 4

Birthday dogs get birthday treats (here, from Julia).

This Old Man 5

The party guests, clockwise from foreground: Kim Lundin (Financial Administrative Assistant), Laura Newton (Donor & Volunteer Coordinator), Hannah Gildea (Individual Giving Manager), Elizabeth Spottswood (Production Coordinator), Casey McDermott (Group & Corporate Sales Manager), Claudie Fisher (Opera Marketing and Audience Development Manager), Emily Stevens (PR/Marketing Assistant), Julia Sheridan.

This Old Man Blog 5

I… I don't know what's happening here.

This Old Man 6

Even doggies get all tuckered out by wild parties.

Happy birthday, Henry. We love you!

This Old Man Blog 7