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I am not an opera fan as my

I am not an opera fan as my handle states but attended just to see, after all "Pirates" is not thought of as "typical" opera. I have amateur theater experience and was really disappointed overall with the performance. Blocking and stage presence were terrible. My directors always said move with purpose yet the performers were often ragged and lax in their postures and motions. Whoever came out at the beginning (I think it was the director) said that the "cast would have fun" and it appeared exactly that way to me. In a comedy, the audience is supposed to have fun and the cast is supposed to be funny, which if done right is a whole lot of work. I think the "fun-ness" stole from the cast's purpose. I performed in a few comedies and it never felt fun because I was working so hard, which is why the audience was able to enjoy it. I did not enjoy Pirates at all and thought the addition of silly "modern" references made it all the worse. Acoustics were terrible and heard people laugh at things that were said but had no idea why. I am told that the sound was better in the second half -- for whatever reason. I left at intermission and don't regret it.

Hi, just saw "Pirates." Have

Hi, just saw "Pirates." Have always loved this show, music and the voices, even the lady with laryngitis, were great! However, I was disappointed at all the cheesy "updates." "Pirates" is delightfully cheesy, but it is period cheesy, not hipster cheesy. Why the breakdown into dance floor routines? Just detracts from the quality of the performers. Think I will get a CD and just listen.

I agree completely with

I agree completely with Carolfay.

The production is energetic and for brief moments (especially the crescendos with large choruses) glorious. Mabel, the coloratura soprano, is astounding and outstanding. (For what it's worth, I've seen Pirates, Pinafore, Mikado, and Iolanthe performed by D'Oyly Carte.)

But whoever decided to "improve" upon Gilbert & Sullivan has committed a crime against opera.

A little British-dry-humor silliness is okay in G&S. Changing the tempo of the music is not okay. Putting gags into sad/conflicted songs is not okay. And making changes and additions is very not okay.

My wife and I really enjoyed

My wife and I really enjoyed Pirates of Penzance. Since it is comic opera, we didn't mind the additions - in fact, they made it that much more fun. More serious opera is another story - to me, the trend to "modernize" them to appeal to a larger audience is a huge mistake. (Thank god, we missed Don Giovanni in 2012!) But, for G and S, which, apparently, has been modified almost from the start, bring on the changes. I'll be interested in seeing how The Elixir of Love done as a Western is received.

The talent was fantastic! The

The talent was fantastic! The show was very entertaining and I loved it, though I do agree with carolfay. Also would have enjoyed vocals louder then the orchestra.

Yes, it's fun. Yes, the

Yes, it's fun. Yes, the singers are excellent. However, if you know and love Gilbert & Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance," you may very well be unhappy with this production. I was. It is not necessary to add additional lyrics and additional music in an attempt to improve on what G&S wrote. The show as originally written is funny, charming, musically and dramatically solid - without Elvis impersonators, break dancing, booty shaking, references to Google - and a prolonged finale that adds nothing to the original. I realize the company needs to fill theater seats, and the audience when I attended seemed to love the contemporary references. Surely, there are performing organizations out there that realize "Pirates" is a classic for a good reason. If I can find those organizations, I will support them.

That was the most fun I think

That was the most fun I think I have ever had at the opera since I retired from being on stage with everyone singing! I have to admit, I know I would have loved being in this show! Great direction. Great singing. Amazing soprano! Amazing acting and singing by all!!! Chorus women were terrific and the men amazed me so much with their dancing and staging too. Bob Orth, one of my very favorites is still and forever more amazing. What great choices for the bits of famous opera arias and how they surprised us throughout. Congratulations to all... Oh, and I caught the flowers!!!!! to top it off! I had to give them back though... someone had to bring my attention to the note.. I was ready to keep 'em :)

LOVED IT! It is a MUST SEE. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love it!
Joanna Ceciliani