Did you attend Portland Opera's BIG NIGHT?

Did you attend Portland Opera's 2nd annual BIG NIGHT?  Tell us what you thought!  Did you enjoy the Street Fair?  Did you discover a new favorite food cart?  Did you love the Concert?  Did you watch the movie?  We'd love to hear your thoughts on our BIG NIGHT.

We read your posts with great interest and appreciation.  You won't see comments from us because this is your space to speak your mind and connect with other patrons.  Know that we are listening.  We value your feedback and always take your comments into consideration.  Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!


My wife and I thoroughly

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert - it was wonderful to sit back and relax and enjoy great arias. We suggest in the future maybe a similar concert should be held mid-season (obviously no outside events!).
We liked the events before the concert, but did not stay for the movie as we had a dinner date.
I have only one negative comment, and I hope the Portland Opera gets a percentage of bar sales. The wines available outside were mediocre at best, and at $7.50/glass for wines that cost about $4.00/bottle wholesale drove me to beer (probably as big a mark-up, but I'm in the wine industry, not the beer industry). Inside the relative bargain was one of the "Premium Wines" at $10/glass, the Martello Pinot Gris. Drinking any good wine out of plastic is a disgrace, but realize why that has to happen outside.

Hooray to the Portland Opera!

Hooray to the Portland Opera!