The Portland Opera Chorus

The Portland Opera Chorus is renowned for its musical and theatrical abilities. National and international reviews of Portland Opera productions consistently include them among the best opera choruses around. Audiences have enjoyed them in a wide variety of guises, costumed in everything from royalty to rags. Their numbers on stage, like the orchestra, are determined by the requirements of the composer and the score. All members of American Guild of Musical Artists, the Portland Opera Chorus can also be found in many different professional guises in businesses and organizations throughout our community.

The Portland Opera Chorus in the Big Night Concert (2011)

The Portland Opera Chorus

Aline Bahamondez
Aimee Chalfant
Maria Leatha
Dru Rutledge
Rebecca Schermerhorn
Mia Skolnick
Jennie Spada
Christine Tolleson Harper
Eva Wolff
Emily Zahniser Sinclair


AnDee Compton
Claire Craig-Sheets
Meghan Jackson
Beth Madsen Bradford
Allison Robertson 
Rebecca Sacks
Valery Saul  
Kate Strohecker
Carisa Simpson
Barbara Vaughn


Wade Baker
Jody Chastain
Robert S. Gardner
Jim Jeppesen
Scot Crandal
Joseph Michael Muir
Michael Millhollen
Jeff Weener
David Warner  
Paul Wright

Benjamin Bell
Raoul Bellis-Squires
André Flynn
Erik Hundtoft
Timothy Lafolette
Robert Kohl
Brian Langford
Barton Rippe
Patrick Scofield
Michael Zimmerman

The Portland Opera Chorus Alternates

Rachel Buckholt
Samantha Dango
Jocelyn Thomas

Sarah Burns
Kate Maresh
Cristina Marino

Bryan Coover

Deac Guidi
Anders Tobiason