Journal #5

We Sing Seattle-ese

Kids say the darndest things. Ya gotta love 'em. The cutest and most humorous answer to any of our questions this season:

Question: Does anyone know the language we just sang?

Answer: Seattle?

Yes, Seattle has it's own opera dialect. I'll need a refresher course for that diction. We also get great answers for other questions. During our Opera Improv intro we will sing a snippit of an aria and ask our audience, usually K-5th graders, "what type of character or mood did I just sing?"

Answers fly at us such as,

"You look like you're a king punishing a peasant"

"You're a princess who just kissed the prince"

"There's a spider in front of you and you're scared"

"You're lost and you can't find your mommy"

Smart kids. Clever kids. Never do they cease to entertain us.

Written by: Bobby Jackson