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Week eight: “Putting it Together: Rehearse it!” – The Final Class of 2013!

A huge THANK YOU and BRAVA to Logan, who took our Summer Opera Education Class: "Putting it Together" and shared her experiences by writing wonderful blog posts throughout the 8-week interactive class. 

You can read all of the blog posts about our summer class – including posts from last summer – right here.  Enjoy!

Week eight: “Putting it Together: Rehearse it!”

The final class!

Tonight, we had the opportunity to observe a rough staging of an opera scene. Hannah Penn and Caitlin Mathes returned as Cornelia and Sesto from G. F. Handel’s Giulio Cesare, with General Director Christopher Mattaliano and Collaborative Pianist David Saffert. For the first half of class, Mr. Mattaliano directed our singers to perform the scene in a naturalistic way, ie: following the libretto very closely and acting out what the text is saying. For the second half, Mr. Mattaliano chose a different approach and directed our singers to act stylistically and fluidly.

The scene concludes the first act of Giulio Cesare with the duet “Son nata a lagrimar” (“I was born to weep”) between Sesto and his mother Cornelia. Sesto is returned temporarily to his mother after failing to avenge his father’s death. For the first direction of the scene, Mr. Mattaliano had a clear idea of how he wanted our singers to perform, and gave them specific movements for them to make. Two guards (performed by fellow classmates Jeff and Mark) bring in Sesto (Caitlin Mathes) to have a word with Cornelia (Hannah Penn). Cornelia would hold and comfort her son the way any mother would.

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