Kevin Newbury

Galileo Galilei: Meet the Director, Kevin Newbury

Overheard in a recent rehearsal:

Kevin: "Whatever the most amount of fire I can have, I want that."
Jennifer: "Like maybe a torch in a bucket?"
Kevin: "A torch in a bucket… maybe."
Lindsay: "Fire Bucket -- that's my nun name."
Jose: "Sister Fire Bucket."


I watch the cast use a table rack, swiped from our physical plant room, as a makeshift gondola, which involves Nick Nelson and André Chiang sitting on chairs on a platform about 4 1/2 feet long, facing each other. The constraints of the fake gondola are such that the two guys are seated nearly on each other's laps, and a ripple of laughter spreads through the cast when they're finally set.

Some costume pieces were added today: petticoats for the ladies, and cloaks and caps for the two Inquisitors. Nick has a black velvet cloak, trimmed at the neck in gold. They are AWESOME.


Meet the Director: Kevin Newbury


I recently sent members of the cast a few questions to answer for you, blog readers. Kevin graciously told me all about the fun and the challenge of working on modern shows like Galileo. Let's not ever break it to him that it doesn't stop raining in Portland, OK?

In the meet and greet, you told us you like to listen to the music of Philip Glass and John Adams for fun, in your own home. You mentioned, too, that you're 'definitely the person to talk to if you want to get into this music.' What would you say to someone who might be interested in developing an appreciation for composers like Glass and Adams?