Caitlin Mathes


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***Spoiler alert

Dominick Argento’s opera Postcard From Morocco is truly a standout this season at Portland Opera. This witty and whimsical production lightened the season after the emotionally gripping tragic operas Salome by Richard Strauss and Lucia di Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti. Postcard From Morocco was a joy to watch and highlighted the talents of Portland Opera’s Resident Artists.

Unlike other operas, Postcard from Morocco does not have a plot to follow. The opera takes place in the waiting room of a train station where seven passengers wait with their luggage and a personal item for their departure: Lady with a Hand Mirror, Lady with a Cake Box, Lady with a Hat Box, Man with Old Luggage, Man with a Cornet Case, Man with a Shoe Sample Kit, and Man with a Paint Box. These four men and three women (who have supposedly never met before) try to pass the time with chitchat while snooping into the luggage of the other passengers. Each are eager to talk about themselves superficially, but when asked to open their luggage, they clam up, refusing to reveal anything too intimate. It is not until the end of the opera when the Man with a Paint Box opens his luggage, and reveals a tiny replica of the room in which they are standing.