Bohemians - The First Day

The first day of the first week on the tour! We successfully unloaded and assembled the portable La Bohème set in a gymnasium for two great performances for grades 3 through 8. After our first performance we were invited to chow down at the canteen, aka the cafeteria, with fifth graders who were in the process of writing, designing, and producing their own opera by the end of the school year. We Bohemians spoke to two classes in Q & A style and answered some very good questions brought up by these curious fifth graders such as, "how do you get over stage fright if you're shy?", and "what happens if you mess up on stage?" These guys & gals are serious about their opera! They want to do their own show and do it RIGHT! I can't wait to see the final product from these clever and creative students.

After our second showing of the day we struck the set and somehow managed to time the packing of the truck just as a torrential downpour dumped on us. You can see the video to view us looking like drowned opera rats!