Journal #4

At the end of our Opera Improvs, sometimes we have the time for a Q and A session. This is always fun, because we get some really fun questions. My favorite though, is when we get a student who wants to sing for everyone like an opera singer. We've had several throughout the tour, girls singing as high as they possibly can and guys typically singing with the baritone claw (hand outstretched), but today at a performance for homeschoolers in Beaverton we heard my favorite. I believe we met a diva in the making! One of the girls that we performed for asked if she could sing for us like an opera singer and preceded to stand up, face the audience and say "Wolf Man, get the piano ready!" She wanted "happy music", so Eric, our pianist, preceded to play some happy music on the piano and away she went. What confidence! I wish I had that when I was her age.

We've been on the road for many weeks now and have been all over Oregon. Many times when we travel out of town for the day or week, we'll load up in the van, sleep and just wake up when we get there, unload and perform the show. Consequently, we don't always know where we are, except the name of the school. I felt so silly when after being interviewed after a show for a newspaper, I asked the girl that was interviewing me, "So, is this for a local paper or the school paper?" I soon found out it was the capital's paper, the Statesman! We were in Salem and I didn't even know it.

Written by Alexis Lundy