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Don our party hats!

The Party

As I mentioned in my blog a few weeks ago, the company holiday party was on Tuesday, Jan. 10. And as I've also mentioned many times on this blog, we know how to throw a good one.

Holiday Party 1

Setup began in earnest Monday afternoon. Unlike previous years, rather than using our rehearsal space, we used the four spaces in the 'west wing' of the building -- the lobby, the Camerata room, the stairwell foyer, and our newly remodeled kitchen.

We hung twinkle lights:
Holiday Party 2

We set out cafe tables, each one decorated in a variation of the theme (game night):

Holiday Party 3

Holiday Party 4

Holiday Party 5

We set up the projector, and then set up the Wii.

Holiday Party 6

And we set up the games! So many games, folks.

Holiday Party 7

Ping Pong:
Holiday Party 8

Ms. Pacman:
Holiday Party 9

Rob had never played Pacman until this very moment. I had to explain the point of the game to him. Isn't that adorable?
Holiday Party 11

We set up a 9-hole miniature golf course around the building. It started in the stairwell; the first shot had to be made into the elevator, which meant that somebody in your team of four had to time the door just right. Then it went up to the third floor, through the main hallway, into the copy room, through the music library, down three flights of steps (that was a fun one) and through the rehearsal hallways back out to the lobby. It was AMAZING.

Holiday Party 12

I came dressed as Miss Peacock from Clue. It took me two days to build the tutu.
Holiday Party 13

It was Miss Peacock.  In the lobby.  With the wrench.

Holiday Party 17

One department dressed up as the game Scrabble.

Holiday Party 16

There was blackjack in the kitchen. On the Wii, you could play Guitar Hero, or compete in a variety of sports. Or you could play Just Dance.  I have a lot of incriminating video of our employees dancing their faces off, but as I value my job, you'll have to take my word for it.

We had a ton of raffle prizes (everybody got a raffle ticket and a scratch-off upon entering the party).

Raffle prizes (all of them donated to the company) included bottles of wine and champagne, wine tastings, restaurant gift certificates, a pass to the Nike employee store, and one of two prime parking spots in our parking lot, good for one month of VIP parking.

In conclusion, party = fabulous.

2012-2013 Season: Revealed!
On Thursday, January 12, we revealed our upcoming season at a preview event, held at Portland Art Museum. Next season's lineup -- all characters who are larger than life -- features Puccini's Tosca, Mozart's Don Giovanni, Handel's Rinaldo (in the Newmark Theatre), and Verdi's Falstaff. We are thrilled about our new season!

Can I tell you something fun? Next season includes a big moment for me personally: Tosca was my first opera with the company, and it marks the first time I'll have done a show for the second time. I've also done Giovanni, so next season should be a librarian breeze … right?

Here's The Oregonian article about the season. 

The Butterfly cast has been working hard in rehearsals, but they're also having lots of fun.
Here are some of the jokes overheard at the Butterfly meet & greet
Roger Honeywell (our Pinkerton):
"Pinkerton is the worst American tourist in the world."

In the middle of director Christian Smith's quick recap of the opera:
Chris Mattaliano: "Let's just be clear: you have directed this opera before, right?"
Christian Smith: "I'm not sure. Is this the one where she plays the castanets?"

Anne Manson, elaborating on the poignancy of Butterfly's story: "It's important to note that she's only fifteen years old."
Roger Honeywell: "Wait, she's only 15?! Nobody told me that! See -- Pinkerton really IS the worst American tourist in the world."




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