May 2013

Falstaff: Even more mischief


Never a dull moment, part 2 of an apparently ongoing series

I spent part of last week frantically searching for a last-minute replacement for one of our principal wind players, who had to leave the country for an extremely pressing family emergency. We also found ourselves short a string principal on opening night, a development which happened at the eleventh hour, and for a similarly pressing reason. As Mo. Manahan and I chatted in the hallway before Friday's opening, he wondered, "What is this, Macbeth?!"


All of this is to say: it's been a very long week. I swear at some point I'll tell you what the music librarian conference was like. In the meantime, a prize goes to the person who can come up with the best collective noun for a group of music librarians. Some inspiration: it's been suggested that a group of regular librarians should be called 'a hush of librarians' (or 'a shush of librarians').


Now, the last onstage installment from super Diana Harris.



Monday, May 6: Orchestra Dress #1


make-up room

So, here's the routine: you have a make-up call and must initial the sign-in sheet at or before your assigned time. I'm the last face Vonda does, because I don't go on stage until well into the second part. All chorus members, basket-men, pages, and innkeeper (who are also supers) get made up before me.


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