February 2013

Week 5: Make it work!

Welcome POGO!
Hello Portland Opera Blog World!

Ksenia here….Your resident Queen of the Night/First Lady. We POGO-ers are extremely sorry about the lack of updates on our adventures, but I promise we are hard at work! I’m going to take you back to the last week of January, into the time machine we go……. (bzzzzz, meeep meep, DING!)

This week has really warmed our little POGO hearts. We have many a show, in many a place, but one of our favorites this week was most definitely visiting St. Mary’s Home for Boys. After presenting our show to the boys, we got to dine together. Each POGO-er sat at a table with 3-5 boys and talked about various aspects of our show, opera, and life in general. The gentlemen at my table ranged from 10 to 14 years old and had many questions….So many that I was asked sometimes 3 different questions at once and tried my best to keep up. There was much curiosity about where we visit, how I came to opera, where I was from (Seattle, woohoo!) and whether I preferred the Beavers or Ducks (this one left me

Much of our travel time is spent like this...

a little puzzled until one of the other boys clued me in on the fact that these are local sports teams). 

We left the school with both our bellies and our hearts very full.