September 2011

Gala Miscellany

The Party

Here at the opera, we have our noses pressed quite firmly to the grindstone. We're throwing a HUGE PARTY at the end of this week -- perhaps you've heard? -- and we're prepping all the last minute details. Singers and conductor are coming to town! Street fair is coming together! Orchestra begins rehearsing in a few days! We have a request in with the rain gods to cut it out already!

Seriously: cut it out.
The opera chorus took to the streets on Sunday afternoon to sing an gala rehearsal downtown in Director Park. Sadly, La Bloggette (trying out some new names this week, what do you think?) could not be there as she had a bad cold she was hoping not to spread.

Incidentally, this is what you do when you're sick and you work with people who have to perform in a few days:

Gala Miscellany- Sick!

I hear the rehearsal was a raging success. One of our choristers, Kimberly Goodwin-Helton, took a fun photo from the stage:

Blog Miscellany- Chorus Rehearsal

Look at those die-hard fans out there, with their umbrellas! You people are rockstars.

Anyway. La Bloggette is in the throes of last-minute gala prep. The dress is on its hook. Pearls are polished. Party shoes are pulled from the shelf. As you will learn, Portland Opera does NOT take its parties lightly.