March 2010

FROM THE TOUR: Stories from the kids

On the road again….it has been a long time since I have been on the road with Portland Opera To Go, either as a performer or a stage manager, and this year, I find myself acting as both!  What a wonderful ride it has been though!  I am enjoying every minute of being in schools around students and teachers, singing and teaching.  And with Opera Improv the shows don’t have a chance of getting stale.  Every show, every day is different, and with this group of talented artists, I am having so much fun, I cannot believe I am paid!

Each day brings a fantastic new kid story:  Consider this:

On March 8, we played our first show to the entire 5th grade class of Davis Elementary, way out NE.  The 5th grade teachers had each pooled their personal funds to get us there for our $100 minimum.  There were about 80 kids in attendance.  They were a lively, engaged, well-prepared delightful group, who kept us after, peppering us with questions.  One asked me about auditions, and I suggested that if they were interested in auditioning for the children's chorus, that they call me for more information or to talk to me about what they would need to do.  After that question, I must have given out 20 business cards.  This morning I had a message on my phone from a 5th grade boy (very, very nervous!) requesting more information about auditioning for the children's chorus.  I called back his teacher, because the boy rushed the number out so fast that I couldn't catch it.  Allen Koshewa, the teacher, was very excited to talk to me today, told me wonderful stories of how thrilled the kids were and gave me the scoop on the boy who called.  I am hopeful that he will come and audition for us, as Allen says his face just lit up when we started singing.

This is why we do what we do...and incidentally, Allen told me that we had inspired him to become a subscriber again, after a lapse.