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We saw Postcard last Saturday

We saw Postcard last Saturday night, the 30th,and really enjoyed it. But, I don't know why.

Meh. I've performed Argento

Meh. I've performed Argento song cycles & liked them very much, but this is an opera in search of a style and maybe in search of a plot. I feel like there was a real bait & switch with advertising A Midsummer Night's Dream and then changing operas after we'd already paid for our season tickets.

Thought-provoking and

Thought-provoking and emotionally intense.

My husband and I attended "Postcard" on Thursday night. Have never been to an opera at the Newmark Theatre before -- wonderful, intimate venue--felt much more connection to the performance. We had never seen Postcard before, or much contemporary opera, but we loved it. We were so impressed by the vocal performances; the musical intervals required of the singers demonstrated an incredible level of skill and talent. The scaled-down orchestra was exactly the right accompaniment to the singers. The emotional power of the "story" --our interpretation centered on personal vulnerability and "baggage"--was well conveyed and thought-provoking. We talked about it for the rest of the evening.

While I don't know that I would ever desire a steady stream of contemporary opera, I liked experiencing something that was new, very different, and took us out of our traditional expectations and comfort zone. This one-act, 90-minute opera was perfect. It made me feel a little more intellectually and emotionally charged after experiencing it. Well done Portland Opera!

Sad. Expensive. Poor. Waste

Sad. Expensive. Poor. Waste of my time & money.

I wish I had been contacted by the sales group AFTER I had seen this pathetic & weird 'performance'; my choice for next year may have been different.

If I had wanted to see schlock like this, I'd ask for Philip Bailey back and more operas from Philip Glass.
This show is a travesty.
I am HIGHLY disappointed, and so were my surrounding neighbors.