What are your thoughts on the title character in DON GIOVANNI?

The Don Juan legend has been interpreted countless times throughout history.  What is your take on the leading man in Mozart's masterpiece?  Is he a charmer, a ladies' man, the ultimate seducer, or a menacing manipulator?  If you were the stage director or singer performing Don Giovanni, how would you interpret the role?

We read your posts with great interest and appreciation.  You won't see comments from us because this is your space to speak your mind and connect with other patrons.  Know that we are listening.  We value your feedback and always take your comments into consideration.  Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!


I attended the final night of

I attended the final night of "Don Giovanni" and my impression in one word - Gross! Alden's staging belies da Ponte's libretto and cheapens the already edgy plot by having each female character groping and humping with the libertine Giovanni onstage, including a supernumerary maid not in the script. I reread today the libretto to check my memory. Donna Anna never accepts his fondles; Zerlina is tempted but doesn't go all the way; Donna Elvira loves him but doesn't trust him enough to commit. So, according to the libretto, he never scores. But Alden forcefully disagrees. Is this the way to bring in new (and younger)audience members? Next production, will we watch Tosca getting it on with Scarpia before she has second thoughts and kills him? Oh, Maestro Mattaliano, how did you let this travesty happen? Mozart's magic music prevails, thanks to the fine singers and the wonderful POA orchestra. But every visual aspect was appalling. Including the cutesy touches like Leporello balancing a chair on his nose and the little winged boy helping the Don into the casket. An unpleasantly memorable evening at Portland Opera.


Last night I felt the

Last night I felt the performers voices were excellent . The orchestra lovely . Realized it was a modern approach with minimal staging .Thoughts were give everything a go, then form your own opinion . My opinion of last night was that I enjoyed the opera , Don Giovanni being one of my favorites . I just thought it took a lush, sensual opera and made it in to a cheap side show . Sad for all performers, musicians top of the line , voices of performers just exceptional . I am not a prude and sex is wonderful , know it's about a man who lives for sex. Just wondering when a maid gets a standing ovation for spreading her legs and getting oral sex and did not even sing , something is a little off there . Not to say I did not enjoy the visual beauty of Don Giovanni in his black American Apparel undies .There were many people last night who loved it and many I could tell not so crazy about the way the opera was taken . I happen to like the old school opera where you bring on the combination of lavish visual art set decor and costume . Think these performers deserve this . If Portland opera is trying to go for the hipster crowd - most likely they are the ones buying the rush tickets and you will loose your loyal supporters who dig deep in the pockets to support the arts. Then again those same supporters may have absolutely loved it and what art is about , varied opinion and creative mind . I would not say , don't go see this version of the opera because of the beautiful voices and music . Just because some people slam it does not mean it is not for everyone . It may just create enough stir to get more people to the Portland Opera . People who normally would not like opera , may find a love for it with this type of show , not a bad thing . You can always close your eyes if you don't like what you see with this performance because the audio was magnificent .

A seducer and a manipulator;

A seducer and a manipulator; I like Samuel Ramey's interpretation from the '80's.