Meet the Cast: Richard Troxell, Older Galileo

At the beginning of the rehearsal process, I sent out some written interviews to a few members of the cast (Kevin Newbury's is here). Below, Richard Troxell, one of our Galileos, tells us the funniest embarrassing stage story I've ever heard, I think.

Unrelated true story: Richard and I were on stage together a few seasons ago. See?


He was the Duke in Rigoletto; I was a concubine. He petted my hair as part of the staging. My fake hair. (My completely amazing, beautiful, long fake hair). I also got a piggyback ride from former POSA baritone José Rubio, our Cardinal/Priest in Galileo.


Every time you come to sing for us, I get a little pang of homesickness, because sometimes a little Mid-Atlantic accent slips into your speech. I know it well, because I'm from Maryland. You grew up there too, didn't you?

I did. I grew up in the beautiful rolling hills of Frederick County in Thurmont, Md., home to Camp David, where our leaders run off to.

Some people develop a love for opera at an early age, but many other singers say that they didn't get into it at all until much later, like maybe in college. What got you started in this art form?