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Meet the cast of Portland Opera To Go's LA BOHÈME


Our 2014 Portland Opera To Go tour is now in full swing! Check out this dispatch from one of our veteran performers, Stacey Murdock. Click here to learn more about the Portland Opera To Go program, and here to find out where you can see a performance of La Bohème!


Stacey Murdock in the 2010 Portland Opera To Go Tour of The Elixir of Love. Photo used with permission from The Daily Astorian of Astoria, Oregon.  Photo by Alex Pajunas.   

Portland Opera To Go is in full swing!  This year we are performing a 50-minute English language version of Puccini’s La Bohème!  We started rehearsals on Jan 2nd, and performing for audiences on Jan 14th.

We have the privilege once again of working with the amazing director Kristine McIntyre!  She has done many adaptations for the Portland Opera To Go tours, and has directed opera all over the United States.  Kristine adapted this version of La Bohème for Portland Opera in 2003, but this will be her first time directing it.  With her vast experience we have been able to really dig deep into these characters in a very short time, and craft a beautiful gem of a show.

Our music director and accompanist is the multi-talented, collaborative pianist, David Saffert.  It is no jest when I say he is the glue that holds us together.  His artistic genius is clearly evident in the masterful, yet sensitive, playing of this score. Since it is an adaptation he and Kristine have been able to dovetail the cuts in the music to make a seemingly seamless work of beauty.

We also have a great cast of singing actors for this masterwork.  Our Tenor Yoni Rose is new to Portland Opera To Go, and what an addition!  His voice is powerful, yet angelic.  He is playing the poet Rodolfo.  Rodolfo is madly in love with seamstress Mimì, sung beautifully by newcomer Andrea Flores. Andrea will knock-your-socks-off with the smooth, silky soprano voice that she possesses!  That’s it for the new singers… now for the veterans!  Kevin Bertin, seen last year as Sarastro in Portland Opera To Go’s The Magic Flute, plays the role of the Philosopher Colline.  If you heard Kevin last year you will remember his fine, rich, full bodied bass voice. You will fall in love with his version of the coat aria.  Erik Hundtoft (previously Belcore in Portland Opera To Go’s Elixir of Love tour in 2010) sings the role of Marcello the painter with all the artistry you would expect from his fine, chocolaty baritone voice.  Ainsley Soutiere, in her fourth season with Portland Opera To Go, is a beautiful singer with one of the prettiest instruments I’ve heard. She plays the role of the coquettish Musetta, Marcello’s on again off again girlfriend, with devious delight. Finally there is me, Stacey Murdock, in my 9th show with Portland Opera To Go. My first show was Bohème in 2003, playing the role of Marcello.  This year I have the opportunity to play the role of the Musician Schaunard.

Portland Opera To Go performs for around 14,000+ children a year all over Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California.  What an honor to be able to reach out to so many young people! 

More to come soon!