August 2012

Where do opera performers go on vacation?

Lea is taking our Summer Adult Education Class.  We asked Lea to tell us about her experience throughout the class.  Enjoy!


I have a confession to make: My name is Lea and I am not fond of modern opera. Feed me the familiar strains of repeating stanzas in an aria from the19th century, say, “Una furtiva lagrima,” and I’m in heaven. But my likes and preferences are changing, thanks to what I’m learning in this opera class.

Last week, we students wrote dialogue for a version of the Greek myth, Daedalus and Icarus. This week, Alexis invited the three professionals who had spent the week carrying our libretto to fruition: John Vergin, who composed the music, Hannah Penn (mezzo) who sang the roles of Icarus and Ariadne, and André Chiang (baritone) who sang the role of Daedalus.


You may remember Hannah during her tenure as a POSA (Portland Opera Studio Artist), when she had 24 hours’ notice before she had to perform the title role of Carmen—which she did to huge acclaim.  You may remember André, also a POSA, who recently performed the title role of Galileo Galilei, spanning a 40-year age range—also to huge acclaim.

 Andre Chiang Photo

Hannah Penn and André Chiang

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