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Week three: “Putting it Together: Hear It!”

Logan is taking our Summer Opera Education Class: "Putting it Together."  We asked her to share her experiences throughout this 8-week interactive class.  Updates will be posted weekly.  Enjoy!


This past week, our class libretto for the story of Antigone was set to music, composed incredibly in less than one week by the talented John Vergin! Tonight, our words and John Vergin’s music came to life, thanks to the brilliant performances of two Portland Opera Resident Artists, mezzo-soprano alumni Hannah Penn as Ismene, King Creon, and the Guard; and Caitlin Mathes as Antigone, with Mr. Vergin himself on piano.



Composer John Vergin
Composer John Vergin

It’s one thing to read a libretto, and it’s another to hear it sung with piano! We were able to hear everything twice: once with all four scenes sung straight through and once scene-by-scene with a discussion in between. Listening to our mini-opera straight through was truly amazing because we could hear how Mr. Vergin was able to string together four libretti (each written in different styles by different groups of people) into one coherent mini-opera.  Hannah Penn and Caitlin Mathes embodied their characters and sang beautifully from beginning to end.



Guest-blogger Logan Stewart, John Vergin, Hannah Penn, Caitlin Mathes
Front: Guest-blogger Logan Stewart
Rear (l-r): John Vergin, Hannah Penn, Caitlin Mathes

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