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Rinaldo: fun facts, & farewell


world's best entrance

Was this not the most fabulous entrance ever? Lindsay Ohse in her first entrance as Armida
Cory Weaver/Portland Opera


We closed Rinaldo Saturday night. It was bittersweet for all of us; we'd all really fallen in love with the show, and we also hated to say goodbye to our conductor, Gary Wedow, and our former Resident Artist soprano, Sharin Apostolou. But that's the business! We always have to say goodbye.


We're all tired and there's a ton to wrap up (heartbreakingly, all those Rinaldo parts I so carefully crafted have to be disassembled and returned to the publisher). But I wanted to take a minute to share a few miscellaneous Rinaldo items before we put Handel away for awhile.


Fun facts

The boat


The boat

Cory Weaver/Portland Opera


The tiny boat that appears at the top of Act II, which sails across the top of the set and, it turns out, is attached to Armida's hair, was a big hit with the audience. It's one of my favorite scenes -- I love stage magic! But do you know a crazy thing? That boat wasn't just stuffed into Lindsay's wig during the Act I intermission. The boat had its own wig.