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PDX OPERAbeat | A Company Blog is the blog for all things Portland Opera, featuring a variety of guest contributors who will provide insider's tidbits on all we do to celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera. Jess Crawford is our primary blogger. Jess spends much of her time eating enormous amounts of cake, making long lists of books she'll probably never read, and challenging people to arm-wrestling contests. During the day (and sometimes at night) she is Portland Opera's music librarian. She writes more about her escapades at her personal blog:
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The Don Draper of opera?


Hold on to your socks, we're all over the map today.


On studying Falstaff


(Adolf Schrödter: Falstaff und sein Page, 1867)


I haven't had an opportunity to sit and listen to the opera with score in hand, though it's on my agenda for this week, largely because I have to build a new supertext score, which necessitates a page-by-page approach to hearing the opera. But I have had it on in the background all week. And it's true, what everyone says -- this is an opera built on one tiny wonderful musical moment after another. Chris was right: this is my kind of opera. I'm not naturally predisposed to the big hulking standalone arias. You guys, I fell asleep during Casta Diva one night when we were doing Norma. (I know. It's embarrassing.) This kind of swift, fleeting, lively score is much more my style.


And I'm about to say a second sacrilegious thing. You know what Falstaff reminds me of? This:


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