Things that are delightful



The singers for the outreach arm of our company, Portland Opera To Go, have been in the building for the last couple of weeks, working hard in rehearsals. This year's touring production is an English-language version of The Magic Flute, cut down to about 50 minutes. The production, last used in 2005, features a giant 'pop-up book' as the main set piece, with all the things any self-respecting pop-up book should feature: things that slide out, open up, and unfold from its 'pages' -- including the dragon in the opening scene. As always with our outreach tour, the small cast of singers are responsible for everything on the road: packing up the set, loading it into the truck, driving the truck (and our passenger van) to whatever school or alternative venue they're visiting, unpacking the set, building the set on site, and so forth. They are a really special group of people, who are not only talented singers but also excellent educators and poised ambassadors for their craft (and this company). Some of them are local; the rest come from cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.


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