What was your most memorable moment from the 2011/12 Season?

What was your favorite moment from Portland Opera's 2011/12 Season? 

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Madama Butterfly, my favorite

Madama Butterfly, my favorite opera, couldn;t have been better. I wondered how a smaller company would do; aside from a voice occasionally not carrying, it was all my wife and I hoped for. The very relaxed atmosphere for the Sunday matinee was a pleasant surprise, too. We are eagerly awaiting Don Giovanni.

Candide had been on my bucket

Candide had been on my bucket list for 30 years. I loved how the Portland audience was laughing uproariously, something I haven't seen in the more than 40 operas I've attended. These were not just polite guffaws; they were belly-laughs, and the audience was on its feet at the conclusion. It was a glorious performance, beautifully sung, acted, and staged.