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Wine Tasting with the cast of DON GIOVANNI!

Wine tasting with the cast!

Last Tuesday, November 6, members of our Giovanni cast, along with a few members of the staff, went on an excursion down to wine country, to visit a few wineries who are a part of the Portland Opera family. We started at Remy Wines down in McMinnville, where we sampled 4 wines, took a short tour, and got to drink day-old fresh-pressed wine (before it goes through its two-year aging process). Remy is this year's wine sponsor for our Resident Artist recitals!


(Dan brought Voodoo Donuts!)

RW whole clan

I couldn't resist buying a bottle of her Beneficio. Excellent small-batch winery! Then we headed to Argyle, our long-time sparkling wine sponsor, where we got to hang out in our own tasting room and drink from our own tasting menu!


We had a few bubblies and a few non-bubblies, and took a few great group shots.