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Portland Opera goes to the prom

We recently threw our annual company holiday party. Long-time readers of this blog may remember last year's party, which was game night themed. We've also had a Hollywood party, an 80s party, and a tiki party. We don't mess around when it comes to celebrations.

The theme this year is one we've been thinking about for years: PROM! There were seven of us on this year's holiday party committee. We take our jobs very seriously. We filmed a short video invitation:



We sent the staff a "press release." We set up a table in our monthly lunch get-together so that people could pick up their tickets. Unlike previous years, we scheduled the party to take place during a period when there was no rehearsal scheduled in the room immediately before or after the party. Most years we only have one day to set up and one day to tear down because there are other things going on in the space. This year, we had all week. And we needed it, in order to take our music studio from this:




to this: