summer opera class

Write It: The art of writing an opera libretto.

Logan is taking our Summer Opera Education Class: "Putting it Together."  We asked her to share her experiences throughout this 8-week interactive class.  Updates will be posted weekly.  Enjoy!

Week two of “Putting it Together: Write it!”

In this class, we had the opportunity to learn about the role of librettists and their relationship with their composer employers, and we practiced the art of writing a libretto. We were also visited by local composer John Vergin, who has agreed to set our own librettos to music, which will be performed for us next week. Our second visitor was Figaro, the company cat. When he wasn’t wandering around between our chairs, jumping on top of tables and laps, or licking himself, he spent his time bumping his furry head against our faces and clinging to our legs, demanding attention. It’s a good thing he’s a cute kitty.

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